In the Service of the Venetian Republic


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in December 1754 Massimiliano Buzzaccarini Gonzaga arrived in Malta from his native city of Padua. A high ranking member of the Hospitaller Order of St. John, he had just been appointed Venice’s resident minister to the grandmaster’s court in Valletta. His mission was to look after the interests of the Adriatic Republic on the island and protect its subjects against Christian corsairs. For over twenty whole years he kept in constant touch with Venice’s trade magistracy, the Clinique Savii alla Mercanzia, writing an average of one long and detailed letter a fortnight. Two hundred and nineteen letters have survived and are being rproduced in this work. In a lucidly written and authoritative introduction and in the notes, Victor Mallia-Milanes has admirably succeeded in placing this rich collection of original letters firmly within the wider political, social, and economic context of Mediterranean developments and critically evaluates their worth as an important primary source for the reconstruction of everyday life on late eighteenth-century Malta. Moreover, In the Service of the Venetian Republic constitutes too a notable contribution to the study of the crusade. The author’s familiarity with Venetian and Hospitaller archives is amply evidenced from the wide range of archival documentation he has consulted for this work.

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