Il-Lingwa tal-Italja: Il-Bini ta’ Identita’

The Langue of Italy: Building an Identity



The Langue of Italy: Building an Identity

Welcome to the Auberge of Italy! This exhibition forms part of a wider project entitled Stories of the Auberge d’Italie: facets, facades. Its scope is to explore a key historic institution in Malta during the Hospitaller period – the Langue of Italy – and its headquarters within a contextualised historic urban and institutional landscape. This project originates and combines the individual research carried out by the project members to provide a new multidisciplinary perspective to investigate the building, its uses and functions, the institutional and archival context, and the social narratives. The main goal is to explore the other Langues and auberges in an innovative way.

Written in both Maltese and English.
Dan il-ktieb huwa bilingwi.

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