Here Where I Belong

A Collection of Modern Fairy Tales

Special Edition


A limited edition, handmade collection of modern fairy tales in a box set.
Have you ever met a grumpy tree who couldn’t stop complaining or a great stone goddess who loves to dance? Perhaps you’ve heard the story about the witty princess who met her match, the sisters who met a blueberry-stealing king, or the dragon who fell in love with a river.
Here Where I Belong is a collection of heartwarming tales about how things fall into place through a surprising mix of love, wisdom, friendship, and, of course, a touch of magic. Some are classics retold for our time, others entirely new. All are drawn from the timeless well of the world’s stories.
This little collection of 5 fairy tales is for you; little you and grown-up you.
This handmade and handcrafted collection is one of only 100 ever made. Each box set is individually numbered.
Ideal for 6 to 12 year old children, as well as for grown-ups who love a good fairy tale.
Produced by Lignin Stories and Kotba Calleja.

Additional information

Weight 490 g
Dimensions 23.4 × 20.6 cm
Editors Giuliana Fenech and Lara Schembri
Illustrator Anna D'Alessandro
Language English
Year of publication

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