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The way Helen lived can be easily described as an extraordinary person’s guide to life. Hers was a beautiful journey, which she travelled skillfully and mindfully, enjoying every moment along the way. Actually, she always lived by the example that to do things well, you need to enjoy yourself, with passion, love and a smile.

“Helen was fun, selfless,  a giver and commanded self-respect. In a nutshell, these were the beliefs she stood for: To treat people like you would like to be treated yourself; to give the body the best treatment – acknowledging the advancement of science in medicine and taking advantage of the benefits of complementary therapies; to look after the soul and spirituality – irrespective of religion, believe in an entity higher than the self – pray and ask to be given; to live the moment; to be open to ideas and not judge, but be tolerant of different options. At the end, don’t take life too seriously – make fun of yourself and situations.

“Her traits shone when she was faced with what she worked so hard to tame. As a positive thinker, she took her diagnosis with breast cancer as a challenge to practise what she always preached. She suffered, we know, not because she complained, not because she gave up or gave in, not because she stopped smiling, not because she stopped what she believed was her mission. She suffered because it was inevitable and she accepted that without reservation.”


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