Having said goodnight

Winner of the European Union Prize for Literature


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In this captivating collection of stories, people are often at a crossroads, somewhere between a world they know and one they feel pulled towards. Torn between past and future, centre and periphery, real and imaginary, they move from one point in their existence to another, trying to understand a life they have lived but perhaps never fully comprehended.
A woman is overjoyed at the news her husband has been found dead. A crow breaks into a young couple’s flat, smashing perceptions and assumptions, and a dying father sends his son on a journey to meet an old flame. A young boy builds friendships with burnt matchsticks and a widow makes her husband’s manuscript her own.
From the heart of the Mediterranean comes a new and exciting storyteller, a keen observer and a great collector of people’s moods.
The is a book about storytelling, not only as a form of pleasure that is shares between writer and reader but more importantly as a gift that’s given with love and needs love to be appreciated.” – The European Union Prize for Literature Jury

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Pages 216
ISBN 9789990915518
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Note translated by Antoine Cassar and Clare Vassallo

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