Great Breakthroughs in Technology

The Scientific and Industrial Innovations that Changed the World


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The Scientific and Industrial Innovations that Changed the World

What incredible innovations have changed the course of history?

From rudimentary metalwork to 3-D printing, human ingenuity has set us apart from other animals on earth. Great Breakthroughs in Technology explores man’s most ingenious inventions and how they have solved some of life’s most pressing challenges.

In this highly illustrated, full-color hardback, Robert Snedden takes the reader on a chronological journey from our creation of fire to robots and artificial intelligence. Each chapter opens with a helpful overview and timeline of events, introducing remarkable inventors and their creations.

• Clockwork
• Flight
• Steam Engines
• The Printing Press
• Nuclear Power
• The Internet

Featuring useful timelines, text boxes and diagrams, this lavishly illustrated reference book is the perfect overview for anyone interested in the ingenuity of the human race and the possibilities of the future…

ABOUT THE SERIES: Arcturus Publishing’s Great Breakthroughs series provides lavishly illustrated and highly accessible introductions different scientific fields. Each title maps a history of a discipline through the its central breakthroughs and the scientists which have changed the world.

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