Great Breakthroughs in Physics

How the Story of Matter and its Motion Changed the World


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How the Story of Matter and its Motion Changed the World

In this beautifully illustrated full-color hardback, Robert Snedden explores the history of physics through the breakthroughs that have transformed our world.

From its roots in ancient astronomy to the developments in electromagnetism and thermodynamics, readers are taken on an illuminating journey through humankind’s discoveries as we have drilled down into the minutiae of our universe.

Breakthroughs include:
• The invention of the barometer by Evangelista
• Nicolaus Copernicus places the sun, not the earth, as the centre of the universe
• The first scientific theory of the atom is put forward by John Dalton
• Otto von Guericke invents the first electrical machine
• Albert Einstein sets out the theory of special relativity

Fully illustrated and augmented with helpful timelines, this book provides an essential introduction to this fascinating subject.

ABOUT THE SERIES: Arcturus Publishing’s Great Breakthroughs series provides lavishly illustrated and highly accessible introductions different scientific fields. Each title maps a history of a discipline through the its central breakthroughs and the scientists which have changed the world.

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