Decoding Administrative Law



“I think that this oeuvre should be the first book to be read on administrative law before embarking upon to read other administrative law publications as it enables the student to grasp the subjects to be covered in a study-unit on administrative law, to identify the concepts of administrative law, to know which are the salient court judgments that ought to be consulted, and to provide the reader with a list of topics that should be researched in more depth in the second year of the law course.” – Professor Kevin Aquilina, Former Dean, Faculty of Laws, University of Malta

“Dr Musumeci must be commended for this excellent text, one in which careful regard has been given to style as much as substance. Indeed, the conversational way in which the book is delivered reads as if Musumeci is there himself, talking students through the cases, the principles, and the various rules that make up this important area of law. ” – Dr John Stanton, Senior Lecturer in Law City, University of London

“This particular publication, penned by Robert Musumeci, plays a rather unique role: after years querying, reading, researching and striving to master and to better apply administrative law, Musumeci has found the time to put his own mental journey down on paper.” – Dr Ivan Mifsud, Dean, Faculty of Laws, University of Malta

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