Cigar Smoke

An anthology of short stories and poetic reflections


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“From barely veiled autobiography to the fantastic, from the philosophical to the sensual, the subjects and styles of Buttigieg’s prose and poetry vary considerably. However, what remains consistent is the sense of wonder about what may lie behind the cigar smoke, be it the laws of the universe, religious truth or the mysteries of human behaviour. Buttigieg writes wittily and introspectively, and his work is characterised by a sharp understanding of the essential ironies of the human condition.”

Dr. Mario Aquilina. Centre for English Language Proficiency

Department of English, University of Malta

Buttigieg brings into his writing all his personality.  Though using English as his medium, there is no doubt that what we have here is the observation and fancy of a Maltese gynaecologist of his generation, who knows his craft and his science, who savours his country and other parts of Europe and beyond, who is well rooted in his country’s culture. Although the title might have given the impression that the author regards his writings as nugae, whiffs of cigar smoke soon to be dispersed into thinner air, a closer reflection reveals he has given these outpourings of his spirit a considerable amount of thought and art, as well as pleasure. Others can participate. Open the book and read.

Dr Ugo Mifsud Bonnici, Emeritus President of the Republic of Malta.

George Buttigieg etches his characters, scenarios, thoughts, sentiments and prayers with deep incisions, immersing us in a material and immaterial, harsh and kind, mundane and spiritual, realm. We succumb willingly and unconsciously to the aura of his stories which make an excellent read. They are all fiction but they are all true. Most enjoyable.

Dr Philip Farrugia Randon, Lawyer and Writer.


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