BookLife Readers Level 4+ : The Cat’s Whiskers

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Intro to Phase 5 – /wh/

By working with teachers, BookLife Publishing found that the leap up to Phase 5 is one of the biggest hurdles developing readers face. This brand-new range of ‘Intro’ books has been created specifically to help developing readers bridge this gap.  

Each book in this series focuses on one of the core sounds which feature at this level. By focusing on one sound instead of bombarding new readers with everything at once, you allow the reader to learn and master the new sound before progressing. This levelled approach to learning will build confidence in new readers and develop their skills at a far greater pace and with a better level of understanding.

Kaz loves the stars. One night, Kaz’s nan tells them a story about a special group of stars called the Cat’s Whiskers. How did they appear in the sky, and what do they mean?

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