Bibliography of Malta-Related Publications (1800-1838)

Printed Outside Malta in the Albert Ganado Collection



“The present bibliography describes works forming part of a Maltese private collection and one of the most extensive ones at that, namely Dr Albert Ganado’s. Describing Melitensia from a private collection always carries the added value of making known material not normally accessible to the interested public.

Private collections are liable to be dispersed and thus the description of their holdings assumes considerable importance. Moreover, since the material being described was printed outside the island, its presence in the National Collection cannot be taken for granted. No legal deposit enactment covered such publications and indeed a number of those being described here do not seem to be available in Maltese public libraries.

The present work complements and builds upon Schembri’s publication of 1855 which, at a time when the concept of a Maltese National bibliography was still more than a century away, provided a much-needed basis for the creation of a Maltese bibliographic infrastructure.”

Prof. William Zammit

Printed outside Malta in the Albert Ganado collection

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