Simon Salafia

Simon Salafia received his education at the Rabat Primary Government School and at St. Aloysius’ College. He continued his studies at the University of Malta where he graduated in Electrical Engineering. Due to his interest in the Spanish Language, he studied this language and reached its highest level of proficiency, recognised internationally, that is, the Proficiency Level of the Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language (University of Salamanca). He taught Spanish in Spanish-Maltese Cultural Centre, Government Schools, ITS and as a part-time lecturer at the University of Malta.

His main interests and hobbies are travelling, trekking and Maltese History and Culture, with a special reference to the Medieval Period. He is also a licensed Guide and a professional interpreter (in Spanish, English and Maltese, with Italian as a passive language) with an experience of more than 200 conference-days. The most prestigious event as an interpreter was the 5+5 Summit held in Malta in 2012, always working in the Spanish Booth.