Jeffrey Sammut

Jeffrey Sammut

Jeffrey Sammut was born in 1977 and was educated at the Archbishop’s Minor Seminary, Rabat. He later graduated as a teacher from the University of Malta. Currently, he works with the National Literacy Agency and is also the Librarian of the Mellieħa Branch Library.

In 2007, Jeffrey Sammut was the co-author of the book ‘AnaliżiSoċjo-ekonomika u Ambjentalital-Mellieħa’, published by the Gużè Ellul Mercer Foundation.

In 2018, Jeffrey Sammut started writing articles for the Times and the Sunday Times of Malta. These mainly focus on life in Malta during the Second World War. He is also the author of several features about the history of Mellieħa in periodicals published by voluntary organisations in his hometown. Jeffrey Sammut writes children’s stories for the Mellieħa Local Council Magazine ‘Il-Qiegħa għat-Tfal’.

In 2019, he was the editor of the book ‘Mellieħa through the Tides of Time – Volume 2’, published by the Mellieħa Local Council.

Jeffrey Sammut was affiliated with various voluntary groups including ‘Nixxiegħa Kulturali’ and ‘Arkeo’, the aim of which was to preserve the historical, environmental, and cultural aspects of Mellieħa.