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Comm. Prof. George Cassar holds a B.A. (Educ.), M.Ed. and Ph.D. from the University of Malta. He is an associate professor in the Institute for Tourism, Travel and Culture of the same University.

Prof. Cassar is a historical sociologist and a pedagogist who has published extensively in a number of areas namely: History, Education, Social Studies, Sociology, Heritage and Culture. Recent books authored include: “Onwards Mosta” The life and times of the Mosta Scout Group 1916-2008 (Malta, 2009); Inside the Malta Union of Teachers 1919-2009: Ninety years of active trade unionism and professional development (Malta, 2009); Student representation at the University of Malta – A history: 1901 – 1971 (Malta, 2011); The Emergence of a Maltese Teacher Corps: From modest origins to strength in unity 1800–1919 (Malta, 2012); Exploring the heritage around us in Mosta, Rabat, Mdina … and much more (Malta, 2013); Qrendi its people and their heritage (Malta, 2014); Life in Mdina: from Punic times to the present day (Malta, 2015); What they are: food and footways in Mdina and beyond – From Roman times to the Middle Ages (Malta, 2015).

As editor, recent publications include: Cultexchange Italia-Malta: La rivalutazione delle catacombe come simbolo comune per la valorizzazione delle tradizioni transfrontaliere (Ragusa, 2008); Social Transitions in Maltese Society (Malta, 2009); and, From the Great Siege to the Battle of Lepanto: The life and times of Malta and the Order f St John 1565-1571 (Malta, 2011); History teaching & research: bridging the theory/practice divide, vol. 2 (co-editor, Malta, 2011); The Mediterranean Region: A state of the art report on the situation of Mediterranean countries (Malta, 2015); Mill-Mosta ̓l Barra (co-editor, Malta 2015); The Lost Album – Antonio Sciortino (copy editor, Malta, 2015); Sustainable Tourism Management – A Collection of Studies from Malta, Lebanon and Jordan (Malta, 2015).

He is also editor of the annual academic journals Sacra Militia, Arkivju and The Educator.

He has convened and regularly participates in national and international conferences and seminars, besides presenting academic papers in such fora. He is also active in EU projects where he has acted as project manager or participant in a number of such projects. He is also a committee member of a number of local N.G.O.s and V.O.s.

For his work Prof. George Cassar has been awarded the ‘Ġieħ il-Mosta’ by the Mosta Local Council, the ‘Grazzi Badge’ by The Scouts Association of Malta, and the ‘Commendatore pro Merito Melitensi’ by the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.