A Gazetteer of Scotch Whisky


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A Gazetteer of Scotch Whisky

The ultimate guide to Scotch whisky.

Why does Scotch whisky taste as it does? Where do the flavours come from? How might they have changed over the years? The flavour of Scotch whisky is as much influenced by history, craft and tradition as it is by science. Whiskypedia explores these influences. Introductory sections provide an historical overview, and an explanation of the contribution made by each stage of the production process.

Each entry provides a brief account of the distillery’s history and curiosities, lists the bottlings which are currently available, details how the whisky is made, and explores the flavour and character of each make.

Fully revised and updated edition with new entries on the latest distilleries at Ardross, Bonnington, Burnobennie, The Cair, Falkirk, Holyrood Park and Lagg.

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