What’s Where on Earth? Dinosaur Atlas


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A unique children’s atlas that brings weird and wonderful prehistoric animals into your living room!

Inside the pages of this children’s educational book, you’ll get to stare down a T-Rex in North America, watch out for Velociraptors’ slashing claws in the Gobi Desert and trek across the Siberian tundra!

You’ll also discover the answers to fascinating questions about dinosaurs. Which plant-eater weighed as much as five elephants? Where was mighty Tyrannosaurus the ultimate hunter?

A modern 3D globe next to each map helps you understand the arrangement of the continents over time and why palaeontologists find fossils where they do.

The fully updated edition includes the most up-to-date theories and discoveries of dinosaur science, alongside stunning CGI illustrations and maps of all the major fossil sites around the world.

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Weight 1200 g
Dimensions 31 × 26.1 cm
Language English
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Pages 160
ISBN 9780241488515

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