Water Cycles

The Source of Life from Start to Finish


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The Source of Life from Start to Finish

Dive into the life-cycle of water and discover how it supports all life forms, how humans harness its power, and why we need to conserve it.

From snowflakes falling from the clouds and deep ocean currents to hot springs and water in space, this children’s nature book showcases the beauty and power of water in the natural world.

Inside the pages of this fascinating science book for kids, you’ll discover:

– Bite-size facts about inhabitants of freshwater and saltwater
– Incredible photographs and illustrations that capture the power of water in nature
– Subjects included supports STEM learning
– How critical water is to the world we live in, covering national curriculum topics around biology, the natural world, geography, global warming for kids, and much more

The wonderful world of water awaits! Water is essential for life. We drink it, bathe in it, and thousands of creatures live in it. But we are running desperately low on it. Water Cycles shows children how important keeping hydrated is for our health and what we can do to save this life-giving substance in the face of climate change.

This children’s wildlife book is packed with incredible facts about water. Little ones will learn how it affects Earth’s weather, through rainstorms, snow flurries, and cyclones, how it is used in growing food and in making electricity, as well as how water travels into our homes at the turn of a tap.

From rushing rivers to vast oceans full of animals and plants, water is everywhere. Children will love seeing starfishes, manatees, and orcas come to life through spectacular photography and illustrations. It’s the perfect gift for kids aged 7-11 years who love nature and its processes!

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