Victor You Are An Ironman



Victor Calvagna was mostly known for his work as a consultant in paediatric oncology and the foundation Puttinu Cares. He was a hero to many people and helped save the lives of many children. Yet, there is a side of Victor that is known only to the few privileged – Victor, the Ironman.

I was one of the lucky few who had the honour to journey with Victor through his sporting endeavours. From starting cycling to training for the LifeCycle Challenge. With every step, the sporting challenges became longer and tougher. When we participated in the Puttinu 100kms challenge, the idea of training in triathlons was formed. Developing the three disciplines of swimming, cycling and running, we set ourselves to participate in several triathlons, culminating in a full Ironman – a triathlon event consisting of 3.8km swim, 180km cycling and a 42km run.

Victor had a strong determination and great focus. The moment we discussed an event, he was on to it before anyone else, preparing himself mentally and physically and setting himself goals to push further and harder than before. No matter what the circumstances were, no matter how busy he was, Victor saw each of these challenges right to the finish line.

Through this photobook, I invite you to share this astounding journey with me – the journey of Victor, from his first cycle to an accomplished Ironman, the experiences and the emotions of all the sporting events that Victor embarked on. The book unfolds in chronological order so that together with me, you can be inspired by his growth, resilience and perseverance over time.

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