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There is no town or village in Malta, however small, which does not have statues, niches, small churches, monuments and marble tablets in its streets or squares. And particularly Malta’s capital city, Valletta, which was founded by the Knights of St John, has a lot to offer in this respect.
A characteristic of Valletta, which in 1998 was declared by UNESCA a city of European culture and world Heritage Site, are the many statues and niches which embellish its streets and alleys.
The there are the public fountains glistening in the sunshine with running water.
Monuments and marble tablets have a story to tell. They are a lasting memorial of an event or a personality that made a mark in the annals of a nation. A monument or a marble tablet is in itself a tribute and public recognition of a particular event or of a national figure.
The many monuments in Valletta continue to embellish this 16th century city. Some marble tablets record the past, others contemporary history. They are, indeed, another form of writing and transmitting history. The streets of Valletta are very rich in history, as this book intends to show.

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