Treasures of Malta No. 27, Summer 2003, Vol. IX No. 3


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The Church of Our Lady of Mercy, Qrendi
Alexander Welsh writes about an intriguingly beautiful church which could be greatly enhanced by restoration

The Rural Tenement at Is-Simblija
Mario Buhagiar discusses the recently restored rural tenement of Is-Simblija, limits of Dingli and assesses its importance to late medieval history and archaeology

Wild Flowers of the Maltese Islands
Watercolours by the late Helen Wirth

Giorgio Nibbia’s church in Valletta
Giovanni Bonello examines a little known church damaged during the war and unfortunately destroyed in 1978

Maltese Bread and other Transient Treasures
Helen Caruana Galizia makes the case for safeguarding our nation’s indigenous foods and agricultural produce

From the Albert Ganado Collection

El Patio de las Munecas at the Fine Arts Museum
Antonio Espinosa Rodriguez focuses on a masterpiece oil painting by Montenegro depicting Seville’s Royal Palace

Memories of the Order conserved in Birgu

The Girna – Maltese Corbelled Stone Hut
Michael Fsadni describes the corbelled stone hut – the ‘girna’ – which forms part of the island’s heritage

The Science and Mythology of the Maltese ‘Atlantoi’
Charles Savona-Ventura and Anton Mifsud analyse the advanced technology and mythology of the Temple culture and compare them to those of Atlantis

Works by Harry Alden

The Wine Ships of Malta and Gozo
Victor Wickman, founder of the Wickman Maritime Collection recalls the ‘Wine Ships’ under sail to and from Malta in the 16th to the 19th centuries

Anglo-Maltese Uniform Buttons
Denis Darmanin elaborates on the different uniform buttons in use during the British period

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