Torpedo Leader On Malta


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Written during the war without benefit of hindsight, this is a remarkable and valuable account.  A very personal story, its lucid, exciting and readable narrative describes firstly the author’s frustrations as a Staff Officer in Cairo, then his triumphs and disasters as a Beaufort Flight Commander on the anti-shipping operations from Malta in 1942, during which Gibb’s contribution was immense.  The author lives in West London.

“An adrenaline-charged account of torpedo attacks a few feet above the sea” – Daily Telegraph

“You do not need memories to feel the excitement of Gibb’s tale… It is, above all, a first-class story…the technicalities of tactics, flying and attack are absorbing.” – The Spectator

“As a description of one man’s efforts to succeed in a vital but hugely hazardous style of operation, at a crucial time in the war, this book is highly recommended.” – RAF News

“An exceedingly well written book which captivates the imagination from beginning to end and gets across the excitement, fear and frustrations of the time.” – Aviation News

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