The World’s Worst Pets

Beware of the Pets!


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These ten tales of the world’s craziest creatures will have you shaking with laughter. You’ll never look at pets in the same away again!

Marvel at Houdini, the magician’s rabbit… take a trip around the world with Zoom the supersonic tortoise… gasp at the chaos created by Griselda, a grizzly bear with a big secret… and RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! It’s Furp, the monstrous goldfish…

Good pets, bad pets, supervillain pets, pets as big as a house and pets that could eat you in one gulp – these are the most hilarious and horrendous animals around.

Millions of readers have loved The World’s Worst ChildrenThe World’s Worst Teachers and The World’s Worst Parents – now they will delight in this ludicrously laugh-out-loud collection of pets, brought to you by the phenomenal Number One bestselling author David Walliams, with every story illustrated in vibrant colour by Adam Stower.

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