The Sweet Kiss of Awareness


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The main aim of Steven Zammit’s book is evidently to raise public awareness in the regard of various aspects of daily life, and to propose practical approaches to peaceful life, here consistently understood as a series of relationships, both with oneself and with all the others.  Man is conceived as the product of continuous interaction between the inner and the outer self, the subjective and the objective.  The individual and the collective are here seen as variations of one single, unifying truth, namely the realisation of the self, the attainment of a high degree of fulfillment.

Steven Zammit make full use of his wide knowledge of basic theories in this field, and is equally concerned with the presentation of attitudes which are just the direct and authentic results of awareness.  Various moral and psychological principles are here presented in a succint and understandable way, easily accessible to all, whilst the author’s own earnest concern reveals itself throughout.  This is not a book written for its own sake, as its aims are continuously implied both in the content and in the style with which the author relates theory to real situations which can be experienced from day to day by all.

Steven Zammit deserves the appreciation of whoever is keen to see betterment in the field of human relations at all sectors of life, including mainly the family and society.  Although the community is always taken into consideration, Zammit never fails to give paramount importance to the real and only protagonist of his work, the individual.  Seen and evaluated in this light, this book can prove helpful to whoever is involved in the educational sector.

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