The SHIIT Workout


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Get Fit While You Sh*t

An hilarious take on the HIIT workout phenomenon, but with a healthy dollop of scatological humor – UK Sunday Times Bestseller

Explore new ways of getting into shape with this amusing guide – a great companion for any toilet-goer. Getting into shape has never been more fun, as you go through the (bowel) motions from jumping jacksies and push-outs to bottom burpees and skidders.

Begin with the gentle warm-up exercises; it’s important to limber up before the main event – if you SHIIT too soon, you could incur an injury as well as having a lot to clean up afterwards. With planners to log your workouts and a special section where you can dump your own ideas, this is the essential guide to getting fit while you SHIIT. The perfect gift for any who enjoys bathroom humor.

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