The Rock Boy


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Smugglers, Secrets and a Stranger

‘a fascinating and topical adventure story, in which youthful initiative, courage and resourcefulness are put to the test. Young readers who like a well-paced story, with secret hiding places, exotic locations and a touch or two of tension, will enjoy this novel‘ Robert Dunbar, Lecturer in Children’s Literature

An injured boy is washed up on the rocks in St Thomas Bay, Malta. He can’t, or won’t, speak. Who is he? What terrible secret is he hiding? All Josephine knows is that he needs her help . She cannot tell her parents in case the boy is one of the  refugees her father says should be sent back to their own country.

Jo enlists the help of her friend Andreas. Together they find a hiding place for the rock boy, but it becomes harder and harder to keep their secret. Finally, the only safe place left is the Hypogeum, an ancient underground temple that holds the bones of thousands of people killed in ritual sacrifice…

Jan Michael is a literary agent. She has written several books for children, including Just Joshua and Hill of Darkness.

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