The right of information of Victims Of Crime In Malta


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Providing information to victims of crime is one of their basic and fundamental rights, and almost certainly one of the most sensitive issues in thei recovery process. The present scientific research gaugues the extent, both legally and practically, with which victims’right to information is respected by Malta ‘s criminal jsutice system. This is done bearing in mind the relevant documents issued by the United Nations, the Council of Europe, the Commonwealth, and especially the European Union.

A number of professional people were consulted for the research. These include politicians, magistrates, police inspectors, probation officers and lawyers, amongst others. They are practitioners seasoned in their respctive fields, and in charge of high offices within, or related to, Malta’s criminal justice system. The results of the research, and the comclusions drawn from them, not only make interesting reading, but moreover contribute significantly to our knowledge of Malta’s criminal justice system, anad to the salient issues that relate to the plight of victims of crime in Malta. This is one book you shouldn’t miss!.

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