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Discover the most important and groundbreaking milestones in the history of medicine, and the people behind them.

From ancient herbal remedies to modern drugs, this accessible medical reference book explores the breakthroughs and discoveries that have shaped our modern-day understanding of medicine.

Inside the pages of this illustrated medicine history book, you’ll discover:

– Profiles of more than 90 of the biggest ideas, breakthroughs, and milestones in international medical history
– Thought-provoking graphics and flow-charts that demystify the central concepts behind each medical idea
– Insightful and inspiring quotes from famous physicians, scientists, politicians, and academics

How are illnesses diagnosed? How do vaccinations work? Why are some pandemics so deadly?

This informative book about medicine through time answers big questions like these and many more!

Packed with pithy explanations, step-by-step diagrams and bright illustrations, The Medicine Book cuts through the jargon and offers a clear overview of the greatest medical breakthroughs. Learn about major diseases such as cancer and the global eradication of smallpox. Explore new developments in IVF and gene manipulation, as well as medical science’s response to global challenges, such as COVID-19.

It’s perfect for medical professionals, students of medicine, or anyone interested in the fascinating medical history of the world.

The Big Ideas Simply Explained series follows an innovative visual approach to make any subject accessible to everyone.

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