The Maltese in Scicli and Capo Passero (1675-1777)



This book deals with the presence of Maltese people in the Sicilian town of Scicli in the course of the 17th century and with a number of Maltese buried in Capo Passero.

More precisely, the first of the two chapters in this book is devoted to a few Maltese who, in the 18th century, were buried on the island of Capo Passero, the closest Sicilian location to Malta, which is also home to a formidable fortress built in the early 17th century.

The second chapter is about person with Maltese surnames, who were living in Scicli during the second half of the 17th century. These surnames appear in marriage documents of the time, but are mainly attested in the register entitled Chiesa Madre S. Guglielmo, Battesimi, Vol. 2, Reg. 1, which goes from 11th June 1675 till 30th December 1710.

This work is another precious little piece in the mosaic that makes up the history of Maltese migration in the Mediterranean.

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