The Magic & Mystery of Trees



Discover The Secret World Of Trees

Do you know that trees send underground messages? Have you heard that they take care of their families? A tree is so much more than it seems.

The Magic And Mystery of Trees is the perfect introduction to the world of trees – above and below ground. Combining stunning photography with beautiful illustrations, turn the pages to find out how trees help prevent soil erosion, mark the seasons, and provide a habitat for wildlife – amongst other fun facts and amazing information about their role in nature.

There are also some super fun, practical activities for kids! From planting your own tree to how to measure a tree’s age, this book highlights the importance of trees to our planet through exciting hands-on activities. Children will begin to understand the importance of trees to our planet and take their first steps towards safeguarding them for future generations.

Explore the secret lives of trees learning:

– What they are
– How they live
– About their animal assistants
– How to help trees
– Tree defenses and senses, and much more!

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Weight 720 g
Dimensions 28.8 × 23.7 cm
Language English
Year of publication
Pages 80
ISBN 9780241355435

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