The Journal of Baroque Studies

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Sainthood and Politics in the Baroque: The cult of St Vincent

Ferrer in Brittany, France.                                                                                 5

Elizabeth C. Tingle                                                                                                                            


Counter-Reformation and Baroque                                                                  33

Patrick Preston


Miracles et prodiges sacrés en pays de mission à l’époquemoderne               53

Paola Vismara                                                                                                                                               

The dissemination of Jesuit military mathematics from the Collegio

Romano to the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, 1600-1750                            77

Denis De Lucca


Virtual Voyages to Loreto:

How to Visit the Holy House in Spirit (Seventeenth-Eighteenth

Centuries)                                                                                                        101

Anne Jacobson Schutte


Il Repertorio Musicale della Cattedrale di Mdina (Malta) nel XVII

Secolo                                                                                                             117

Franco Bruni


Book Reviews                                                                                                 135

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