The Girna – The Maltese Corbelled Stone Hut



The Maltese edition of this book was sold out in a short time. This unexpected success was the result of the book’s originality in tackling a subject of architectural and ethnic value that had hitherto been generally overlooked.

Fr Fsadni visited hundreds of giren, noting their details, and gathered all available information about them. His systematic and clear exposition, in a simple language that avoided technical jargon, proved that these primitive, popular structures are an important part of Maltese cultural heritage.

These qualities earned his book Il-Girna, Wirt Arkitettoniku u Etniku Malti, the first prize in the 1990 Literary Award offered by the Maltese Government.

To make this national heritage known to a much wider audience of foreign scholars and experts, the book is being published in an English edition with minor changes and the addition of a number of coloured illustrations.

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