The Coffee Book



Go on a journey from bean to brew and explore the history of coffee, its production and how to become an expert barista at home.

Are you a coffee lover who wants to learn how to extract the perfect brew? This coffee guide is a must-have for anyone looking for information and inspiration to experiment with different beans, methods, and flavours.

Improve your appreciation and knowledge of one of the world’s favourite pastimes – drinking coffee!

Discover the incredible variety of coffee beans grown around the world with profiles from over 40 countries from far-flung places like Vietnam and Bolivia. Readers can delve into coffee tasting and use a tasters wheel to understand the nuances in flavour from bean to bean and understand which notes complement one another.

Delve into the preparation of coffee, from roasting and grinding to brewing. Easy step-by-step instructions will show you the common brewing equipment used to make different coffees.

Using the techniques that you have learned, explore the recipe section and master the classics, such as the Americano, Flat White and Macchiato, to more unusual choices, like Caffè de Olla and Ice Maple Latte.

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Pages 224
ISBN 9780241481127

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