The Bible Paradox

A Violent Journey of Biblical proportions


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The truth will make you avert your eyes!

Inspired by historical events. The Bible Paradox is an intellectual and dramatic investigation of the Sacred Text and the comparison between twisted truths and a shocking reality which has been hidden from public awareness for sixteen hundred years. Today the Bible is under a constant onslaught from major historians and scholars, atheists and best selling authors. The world knows this yet no body dares to question why.

This book will take you through controversial biblical accounts the like of which have never been mentioned by the Catholic Church.

“If your son is incorrigible, bring him to the city gate and let the community stone him to death”

From Ancient Astronauts to the Fallen Angels- From the Giants of antiquity down to the Nations of the Mediterranean Valley and to the Deluge of Noah that has wiped out almost the entire human race- From Sumer to Egypt- From the Exodus to the Epic Slaughters of Moses and Josuha- From the grand palaces of Solomon to the dungeons of Herod Antipas this book will knock your thousands of years back into a thrilling and sadistic, ancient world to discover the thrye story of the Crucified Christ and the secrets of a plot that threatens to change the teachings of history forever.

Behind the veil of religious faith lie shocking veracities, Are you ready to take the burnt?

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