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Timeless Children’s Stories

The Beginner’s Bible is a trusted starting point for your child’s journey towards a lifelong love of God’s Word. Its bright and vibrant illustrations enhance the 90 featured stories to produce one of the most memorable Bible experiences a young child can have.

Parents, children and teachers will rediscover well-known Bible stories and beloved parables as they read the more than 90 stories in The Beginner’s Bible. Kids ages 0 to 4 will enjoy reading the story of Noah’s Ark as they see Noah helping the elephant onto the big boat. They will learn about the prophet Jonah as they see him praying inside the fish. And they will follow along with the text of Jesus’ ministry as they see a man in need of healing lowered down through the roof of a house.

Give the gift of God’s Word to emerging readers and their parents for any occasion, from First Communions to birthdays, Christmas to Easter. The Beginner’s Bible is one of the most trusted Christian resources for families, children’s ministries, and home schoolers, offering:

  • Easy-to-read text that has been parent-tested and child-approved
  • Bright, colorful illustrations on every page
  • More than 90 memorable Bible stories
  • Durability, built to withstand rough handling and frequent use

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