The Anxious Elephant: A Children’s Book About Overthinking, Being Realistic, and Managing Your Emotions


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Elephant routinely impressed his family, friends, and teachers with his ability to look remain in control of his emotions and stop overthinking, even when the going was tough. He was able to keep his anxious thoughts from creating even more anxious thoughts.

Whatever the difficulties, he powered through them. But he wasn’t always that way.

Once upon a time, Elephant’s friend Fox showed him a simple and small tip that completely changed his approach. Find out what this tip is, and how to use it to instill positivity, mental toughness, and mental calm in your growing child!

Teach your child:

-How to stay realistic and stop thinking the worst – for children and adults alike

-The value of pausing and separating emotions and reality

-The lesson of being mentally tough

Original, engaging, humorous, and re-readable.

This is a children’s book about building values and teaching life skills. Charlotte Dane possesses a unique understanding of child psychology, which allows her to write tales that are both educational and captivating for children.

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