The 2022-23 Horoscope



by PaulJon

This book gives you more in depth information about a full zodiac calendar year.

  • ARIES Aries are known for Encaustic , Impulsive & Impatient.
  • TAURUS Taurus are known for strong willed and steadfast in their opinions.
  • GEMINI Gemini are known for personality, very intelligent &outgoing.
  • CANCER Cancer are known for their helpful ways, patience & creativity.
  • LEO Leo are known for their Stability, Loyalty & Consistency.
  • VIRGO Virgo are cheerful, good at masking their emotions & loyal.
  • LIBRA Libra are known for their motivation, adore beauty & ambitious.
  • SCORPIO Scorpio are known for their power, very emotional & carry high strength.
  • SAGITTARIUS Sagittarius are known for their flexibility, adaptability & sensitive.
  • CAPRICORN Capricorns are known for their stability balanced & very sensitive.
  • AQUARIUS Aquarius are known for their of freedom, passionate & kind to others.
  • PISCES Pisces are known to observe every movement & self respect.

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