Tesserae – Issue 13 – Spring 2023

The Heritage Malta Bulletin



The Heritage Malta Bulletin

Contents include:

  • Remembering the Great Siege of Malta through Paintings, Arms and Armour – Part II
  • Anthony Spiteri: the Custodian and the War
  • Il-Ballut ta’ Marsaxlokk and its Ornithological Importance
  • Painted in Colonial Mexico
  • Tim Padfield’s Contribution to Conservation
  • Shipwrecks as Ecological Hotspots
  • Interview with Aldo Bugeja
  • Heritage Malta’s Greening Intiatives
  • Challenges in Conservation
  • Conserving Earthernware Amphorae: Xlendi Shipwreck, Gozo
  • Modern and Contemporary Works added to the National Collection
  • Education during World War II
  • Gypsoteca

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