Tea: Wine’s Sober Sibling


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* In-depth book about tea and food pairing
* Tea as an alternative for wine
* How to match tea with food
* Contains tables of types of tea and their matching wine buddies
* Explains the basics of tea brewing and tea serving
* Practical and easy brewing tips for fool proof and delicious tea
* Learn how tea can enhance the flavor of food
* Features a clear, easy and handy system to analyze taste and flavor
* Mouthwatering recipes for cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks with tea
* How to cook with tea
* Contains tables of all major tea varieties and their characteristics
* Features a clear and handy system to analyze taste

Tea: Wine’s Sober Sibling is both a handbook and a cookbook with over 70 original recipes, each with mouthwatering pictures and three matching tea suggestions. This book explains the similarities between tea and wine. It explores how to pair tea with food in the same way as wine, and it contains an easy and clear system to define tea and food pairing. There are 13 chapters about the basics of tea, the importance of water, brewing techniques, pairing with tea, tables with the characteristics of the world’s most well known teas. It explores the relationship and pairing of tea and cheese, tea and chocolate, and tea in mixed drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic). You will learn how to use tea as an ingredient for cooking through easy-to-follow recipes. Various methods of steeping tea are covered, and readers will learn how to easily prepare tea for everyday enjoyment, the best practices for restaurant use, and more advanced, intricate methods for the experienced tea lover.

Take a deep dive into the world of tea and food pairings with 294 pages brimming with information, including 6 pages with tea-related links to recommended tea shops, schools, and videos.

Tea, Wine’s Sober Sibling is a must for sommeliers, tea connoisseurs and everybody who wants to know more about tea and its possibilities. It is also very interesting for home cooks, chefs, foodies, gourmets and people who are looking for non alcoholic options for wine and beer.

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