Ta Pinu Basilica

A Temple to Our Lady


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It was about 10 o’clock in the morning. When she arrived at the junction leading to Ta’ Pinu Chapel, she was summoned by a voice, calling her three times: 



This was the call on 22 June 1883 of our Lady Ta’ Pinu to Karmni Grima, a forty-five year old spinster from Gharb. This call changed forever the story of the small chapel of ta’ Pinu. 

Ta’ Pinu is God’s re-conquest. It is a point of convergence, where the supernatural triumphs. A peaceful revolution of ideas, of feelings, of traditions, even of mentality. The miracle is everywhere in Ta’ Pinu. The most awe-inspiring miracles is the one that is not seen. It is the miracle of the inner-self. It is the miracle of the inner self. It is the miracle within the spirit of even the least willing person. 

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