Summer Girl

A Blood for Blood Novel


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‘If i go along with you and you hurt me, i will kill you,’ she insists.  ‘If you don’t go with me, you will be killed.’

A woman is attacked in strange circumstances on a midnight street in Valletta, Malta.  An island country known for its history of early civilisations and military fortitude is the backdrop for a series of distant relations and revelations as we follow Jack Sant; a Knight of Malta, on his quest to solve some of the country’s worst cold cases.  Jack takes us on a journey of chivalry and secrets as he uncovers lies and gritty realism of crime in a small country.  From the lively dancehalls to the languid conversations at dinner through the eyes of the Maltese people; a mélange of culture powered by the sun, where east meets west and north meets south in language, love and laħam.

The first book, Summer Girl focuses on a cold case from 1984.  How can an 82-year old priest lead Jack to an unsympathetic killer?  Hiding in plain sight Jack gets involved in a chain of events that lead to an interesting twist.

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