Strickland, Britain and the Vatican 1929 – 1932


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What contributed to the straining of relations between the Holy See and His Majesty’s Government during this period was the fact that two distinct authorities marked by deeply different  and traditionally hostile cultures found themselves confronting each other. The contrast between the two main cultures, (the Catholic and the Protestant), of which these institutions were the bearers, further reduced the likelihood of an understanding between the two sides. In fact, in London it ended up arousing the public’s traditional Protestant concern as regards the clergy’s interference in politics. the distrust with which Anglican London viewed the intentions of the papacy was also manifested in the unique and atypical British Legation at the Vatican…

The rumours that the recently stipulated Lateran Treaty contained secret clauses that the Pope would help Mussolini as regards Malta and Tunisia definetly did not ease the situation…

The contrast between the Foreign Office and the Holy See found its capitalising centre int the politics of Lord Strickland’s Maltese Government…

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