Stories My Parents Told Me

Tales of Growing Up in Wartime Malta



Tales of Growing Up in Wartime Malta

STORIES MY PARENTS TOLD ME: Tales of Growing Up in Wartime Malta, is a collection of twelve short stories based on actual events during the Second World War on the Mediterranean Island nation of Malta. The collection describes difficult times when survival was paramount, and family was everything. The stories are interspersed with interesting historical details about Malta and its role in WWII which establish a setting for tales that are sometimes poignant, sometimes humorous, and always engaging. They also give a historical insight into the culture of a deeply religious and frugal people.

“Charming stories full of nostalgic details which make not only for an enjoyable read, but are an important preservation of daily life in mid-20th century Malta.” – Rebecca Cremona, internationally acclaimed film director, Birgu, Malta.

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