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Its message brings awareness of the environment and the need to take care of the earth, which is our home. It also demonstrates how, when people work together, they have the power to change things for the better.Within the story there are also themes which highlight human emotions, such as love, fear, pain and anger and show how the power of love can overcome troubled feelings.It shines a light on the poverty in the world and on the people who work ceaselessly to help those suffering.(Hopefully it may also teach people not to be prejudiced against aliens!) Star Child is a being of love and light, the daughter of Obsidian, Wizard ruler of Planet Zinghar – where all is light and happiness amongst advanced, caring people who communicate telepathically. Star Child often goes astral travelling and on one of her trips she passes into another solar system and encounters Mother Earth, who is distressed – being overwhelmed by damage to the environment and the suffering of some of the Earthlings. Moved by her story Star Child decides to help restore her to her natural beauty. Star Child lands on the small island of Malta, where she meets two young women (Indigo & Serafina – the ‘Spiritual Rock Sisters’). Since the ‘Sisters’ are spiritually and ecologically aware, they swiftly tune in with Star Child and her mission.On her travels around the island she meets several wise, awakened human beings. She also encounters many Earthlings who are distressed and she helps them to have a different, positive perspective. Star Child also helps friends who have lost love in their lives and enables them to rediscover it.Meanwhile friends of Star Child, ‘Warriors of the Rainbow’, from Planet Riazilla, have been wondering where she has gone and set out to search for her. The Warriors of the Rainbow find her and she introduces them to her new Earth friends. She also asks them to assist with her mission.They receive a message from ‘Cloud 9’- a cloud which floats around the universe creating ‘music to save the world’. Among those on board are the ‘Mandalas’, Sakana, Punk Rocking Pixies, Karl the all go gadget man & Bong and Dong. They too come to help. Star Child also calls her friends the Crystal Lites to help save the Earth. Each Crystal Lite has magical healing powers which match the crystal after which they are named.In another galaxy is Planet Xodosk – ruled by Wizard Onyx – who has a heart of stone since his wife was taken away by evil sorcerers. Onyx has a Dark Army of Ogres and plans to take over planets throughout the universe. He knows Mother Earth is weakening and she is his next target. Onyx sends his son Ricochet with the Dark Army to attack Earth and destroy Star Child and her friends. When he arrives on Malta, Ricochet meets and falls in love with Star Child and can no longer support his father’s plan. Once Onyx hears of his betrayal he orders his army to destroy Earth and all its people.The Dark Army approach with thunderous, discordant music, causing earthquakes, tornadoes etc. Star Child and friends gather to send out love, light, energy and music to save the world. The love and light throws the Dark Army into another dimension where they can be healed of their evil. Onyx is catapulted onto Planet Amorand and is overcome by the love energy. His stone heart breaks down and he is filled with the emotions of loss for his wife and son. A beautiful woman appears to comfort him and he realises she is his long lost wife who has escaped the sorcerers – his heart begins to heal.On Earth everyone celebrates the victory with one vast worldwide party and Star Child decides to remain there with Ricochet taking care of Mother Earth and her people.

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Pages 91
ISBN 978-0-9563822-0-7
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