Ruffles and the Cold, Cold Snow



Ruff! Ruff! Meet Ruffles, the playful puppy who faces all the tricksy troubles of pre-school life in this new picture book series from bestselling author and illustrator David Melling.

Today it is snowing and the teeny, tiny kittens want to play outside! Ruffles loves the teeny, tiny kittens but Ruffles DOES NOT LOVE the snow. It’s too cold, too slippy, too slidey and too sinky, ESPECIALLY in the deep snow places.

But when the teeny tiny kittens get stuck, will Ruffles be very brave and help his friends?

Dog-lovers won’t be able to resist the adorable Ruffles in this new preschool series.

Just like every preschooler, Ruffles the puppy experiences all the ups and downs of daily life as he learns about the world around him. There are LOTS of things he likes and LOTS of things he doesn’t . . . and he doesn’t always get things quite right!

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Weight 200 g
Dimensions 25 × 25 cm
Language English
Year of publication
Pages 32
ISBN 9781839947681

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