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A world-class program incorporating the highly effective Readiness-Engagement-Mastery model of instructional design

Scholastic PRIME Mathematics (New Edition) is a proven core program that now offers 100% coverage of the Cambridge Primary Mathematics Curriculum Framework. Based on research and feedback from educators, the effective Readiness-Engagement-Mastery instructional design of the first edition is further strengthened and new features ensure a strong foundation for STEM.

Scholastic Prime Mathematics is based on a pedagogical approach and instructional design that:

  • Teachers via problem solving through the systematic development of problem-solving skills and by focusing on the method required to solve the problem, and the problem-solving process.
  • Is effective, measurable and diagnostic with a learner-centered and teacher-directed approach designed to enable assessment of understanding of concepts development and learning.
  • Promotes creative thinking and critical thinking by encouraging learners to innovate and craft alternative solutions to mathematical problems.
  • Develops metacognition in learners enabling them to monitor, direct and communicate their thinking process.
  • Advocates active learning and adaptivity with self reflection tools and scaffolded thinking processes.
  • Incorporates professional learning in the curriculum framework to develop the pedagogical content knowledge of educators to improve classroom practices.
  • Uses technology to enrich the learning and teaching experience with interactive content for whole-class teaching, extensive resources for teachers and diagnostic practice and assessment for students.

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