Planet Earth

An illustrated history


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Join the Editors of Time and the world’s most acclaimed nature photograpghers on a breathtaking journey of discovery to Planet Earth. Here is a remarkable and illuminating portrait of mankind’s home planet in all its staggering diversity, beauty and mystery, from the splendor of the aourora borealis to the oddities of bizarre life-forms at home in Earth’s most extreme environments. Here are natural wonders both massive and minute, ranging from the  vast mechanisms of plate tectonics to the intricate details of animals whose bodies are adapted to mirror their enviroment.

Time explores this enormous subject by following the ancient Greek division of the world into a series of spheres. the grand tour begins with the atmosphere, the blue cocoon that shields the planet, gives us breath and spawns hurricanes and tornadoes. It ranges across the ecosystems of the pedosphere, the land planet,. to explore rain forests and mountain ranges, deserts and tundra. The grand expanse of the hydrosphere, the water planet, is pictured in its dazzling variety: rays and jellyfish, hammerhead sharks and coral reefs. Two little seen realms – the frozen polar zones of the cryosphere and the world beneath our feet, the geosphere – are depicted in all their eerie majesty. And the fascinating plants and animals of the biosphere, the living planet, are captured in scenes both wild and tender:  courting and mating, nesting and hunting, parenting and playing.

At a time when climate change is focusing new attention on the state of our world, this richly illustrated volume celebrates – in Time’s informative text and some of the most stunning nature photographs ever taken – all the mystery and majesty of the precious sphere we call home: Planet Earth.

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