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This book is one in a series of contributions projected by the Author on the History of Maltese Geological Sciences. It is a well-documented and illustrated biographical study of four pioneers of Maltese geology – T.A.B. Spratt, Wm. Reid, A. Leith Adams and J.H. Cooke. It gives a wide-angle view of their life-span, recording their contribution to the development of local geology.

These biographies are not meant to be a comprehensive chronicle of their life but a sketch of it, with particular emphasis on their activities relating to Malta. Their relative short stay on the Island and their respective contribution towards the advancement of Maltese geologicial sciences are, understandably, given a biased prominence in the context of their life.

Author also throws much light on the social, medical, military and naval aspect of life on the Island during the latter half of the nineteenth century.

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