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A remarkable memoir of the 10th Submarine Flotilla at Malta 1941-43


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This inspiring story of relentless naval hostilities in the Mediterranean is told by the commander of the 10th Submarine Flotilla, which was known by the sobriquet “The Fighting Tenth” after its tenacious fighting spirit and the heart-rending losses it suffered.

The Mediterranean was the pivotal theatre for WWII in Europe and the author, operating from the tiny, isolated island of Malta, and under ceaseless and furiously mounting air bombardment, harried the Axis convoys all the way from the Italian mainland to North Africa; mined Rommel’s embarkation and discharge ports; and launched deadly Commando raids and other Special Operations. The retribution on both sides was terrible; half of all Axis shipping was sunk: half the Royal Navy’s submarines failed to return.

The harrowing events that surrounded the siege of Malta and the submarine operations that played such an important role in the defeat of Rommel’s army in North Africa, are retold with an outspokenness and frankness which makes this book one of the most vivid accounts to have emerged from the annals of WWII.

The stories of triumph and loss related in the book play havoc with the reader’s emotions.” JEFF TALL

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