Peopled Silence

Philosophical Studies


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This book is a collection of questions (and, less importantly, of tentative and often conflicting answers) about itself; or, more precisely, about the kind of thing which it is an example of, namely linguistic action. The name given to the book hints at what you will be doing, dear and hopefully hesitant reader, if you decide to buy, borrows or steal it. A soundless void that previously gaped will be breached. An empty distance that yawned hungrily between you and the author will be bridged. A silent space will be peopled.

Like any other book, this self-reflective sample of the species is more or less clumsily seeking to be a go-between or even a match-maker between minds and hearts, but in the very act of so doing it is also attempting to understand and to explain the puzzling feature of verbal interplay between human beings.

This human-centred exercise, which will certainly fail if carried out with any great solemnity, involves inquiring about animals, computers and cells, to compare communication possibilities, as well as political, religious and musical uses of languages. Indeed, if any special claim is to be made for this book among its likes in subject matter, it is for the width over which its net is cast.

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