Palace of the Grand Masters in Valletta


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With thirteen contributions from an outstanding team of scholars, and the inclusion of over 200 illustrations, this is the comprehensive and authoritative book on the Palace, which has always been the highest political seat in Malta and the jewel in the crown of Valletta.
Giovanni Bonello explains how the Palace expanded over the years, while Albert Ganado studies the important prints and paintings depicting the building.  Antonio Espinosa Rodriguez and Dominic Cutajar describe The Great Siege Frescoes by Perez d’Aleccio, and the Gobelins Tapestries respectively, while Keith Sciberras and David Stone write about the frescoes by Filippo Paladini and Leonello Spada.  The furniture and fittings are described by Joseph Galea Naudi and Denise Micallef, and the portraits by Emmanuel Fiorentino.  Victor Mallia Milanes explains the development of pomp and pageantry at the Palace, while Petra Bianchi puts the visitors to the Palace in their historical context, and Nicholas De Piro describes particular social events that took place there. William Soler writes about the knights’ astronomical observatory and the Palace Tower, and Stephen Spiteri deals authoritatively with the Palace Armoury.
  • Albert Ganado – Artists’s Impressions of the Magistral Palace in Valletta (p.7)
  • Giovanni Bonello – The Grand Masters’ Palace in the Making (p.9)
  • Antonio Espinosa Rodriguez – The Great Siege Fresco by Perez d’Aleccio (p.55)
  • Victor Mallia Milanes – Paths of Power and Glory: The Hospitaller Grand Master and his Court in Valletta (p.71)
  • Petra Bianchi – Visitors to the Grand Masters’ Palace (p.85)
  • Dominic C Cutajar – The Gobelins in the Supreme Council Chamber: Le Tenture des Indes (p.93)
  • William Soler – The Knights’ Astronomical Observatory and the Palace Tower (p.109)
  • Stephen C Spiteri – A Sala d’Armi in the Grand Masters’ Palace (p.127)
  • Keith Sciberras and David M Stone – Saints and Heroes: Frescos by Filippo Paladini and Leonello Spada (p.139)
  • Nicholas de Piro – Occasions, Social Events & Occurences inside the Palace (p.159)
  • Adrian Strickland – Heraldry in the Magistral Palace (p.167)
  • Joseph Galea Naudi and Denise Micallef – Furniture and Furnishings (p.185)
  • Emmanuel Fiorentino – Portraits and Other Easel Paintings at the Palace (p.205)
  • Appendices (p.221)
  • Index (p.227)

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